1. Enter Your Name or sender id, It should be 6 characters. not even one character less nor more. For Example: eVEDJI, Naturl, You can Use English text & numbers.
  2. Enter Receiver Mobile Number Should be 10 Digit. Without including +91, or 91
  3. Type message up to 160 characters long
  4. Note:- Most of the personal name like Ramesh, Mahesh, etc already get registered. so you can not use these names in sender ID.  Maybe your name also gets registered. If you can not send SMS through your name ? Please try to modify it like : Ramess, iMahes.

Flash SMS does not get delivered directly in the inbox. it appears on the main screen as a popup notification. A flash SMS proves to be more effective than a normal SMS in case you wish to catch the recipients attention immediately.It will be not saved in SIM or memory of the receiving phone until recipient does not click on save button.

Please don`t send someone any illegal sms. sexual harassment sms, any type of warning, threatening language sms etc. We use Google`s Advanced Technology based IP Address detecting system. Even you use any VPN. Our system can detect your location, device number or internet service provider details.

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